Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lensday Challenge - Celebration.

This one was taken duringthe Chinese New Year Celebrations this year.
I never really participated in this before and stummbled onto it. It was fabulous.
I didn't know that everyone tries to touch the  dragon for luck.
It was very exciting and yes, I touched the dragon!!

Photo Friday - Ethereal.

I thought this one might fit the theme.
It was taken in Mallacoota at sunrise.

Thursday Chalenge - Many.

Here are two Photos I think fit this challenge.
The first one of the crowd was taken during the Chinese New Year celebrations 2011, there was so many people squeezing into the one little street.
The second one of the pelicans was taken in Mallacoota, located on the east coast of Victoria.
The Pelicans are lined up waiting for the scraps as the fishermen clean their catch.

Moody Monday - Costumed.

The theme for the Moody Monday photo challenge is "Costumed"
I took this Picture in Little Bourke Street or "China Town" in Melbourne during the Chinese New Year celebrations. These 2 were on stillts and dressed up beautifully. What alot of fun that day was!

See it Sunday - Regular.

 The theme this week is regular. This is a regular park bench in a regular Melbourne park.