Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo Challenge - Silence.

Need to try to get back into taking some photos and making some art!

This was taken from on board a cruise ship going around New Zealand.
We were about Gisborne.
It was a lovely cruise but the weather was bad and this was one of the few good sunset we had.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lensday Challenge - Celebration.

This one was taken duringthe Chinese New Year Celebrations this year.
I never really participated in this before and stummbled onto it. It was fabulous.
I didn't know that everyone tries to touch the  dragon for luck.
It was very exciting and yes, I touched the dragon!!

Photo Friday - Ethereal.

I thought this one might fit the theme.
It was taken in Mallacoota at sunrise.

Thursday Chalenge - Many.

Here are two Photos I think fit this challenge.
The first one of the crowd was taken during the Chinese New Year celebrations 2011, there was so many people squeezing into the one little street.
The second one of the pelicans was taken in Mallacoota, located on the east coast of Victoria.
The Pelicans are lined up waiting for the scraps as the fishermen clean their catch.

Moody Monday - Costumed.

The theme for the Moody Monday photo challenge is "Costumed"
I took this Picture in Little Bourke Street or "China Town" in Melbourne during the Chinese New Year celebrations. These 2 were on stillts and dressed up beautifully. What alot of fun that day was!

See it Sunday - Regular.

 The theme this week is regular. This is a regular park bench in a regular Melbourne park.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thursday Challenge - Delicate.

This was taken at the Melbourne Zoo Using Nikon DSLR and Macro Lens.
Love the way it turned out, especially the colour.
It looks to me to be very delicate.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lensday Challenge - "City Life"

Life of a city pigeon.
This is a pigeon loft in the City of Melbourne.
Built to try to attract the pigeons away from breeding on the windowsills of the buildings and to control thier numbers.

Macroday - Small.

These guys are pretty small!

Theme Thursday - "Building"

This was taken a little while ago but fits the theme.
There used to be another building located in this spot but it was pulled down and now building is about to start on a new one.

Photo Friday - Extreme Closeup.

This is a close up of a lemon still hanging on the tree, still a bit green!
Using the Supermacro function of the Olympus Camera.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mood Monday - Small.

The theme was Small.
I missed the time frame but I'm uploading anyway!
These are pretty small! Aphids on the rose bush!.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

See It Sunday - Fresh.

I took this one out in my backyard. I think it fits the theme because it is still fresh and my dogs haven't trampled it yet!.

Thursday Challenge - Festival.

This one was taken in the city recently. It was not actually a festival but I think it has a festival feel.

Tuesday Challenge - Gold.

I took this one the same time I took the one for Macroday as the Macroday challenge is Gold too.
I'm posting 2 pics because I liked them both.

Macroday - Gold

I had some fun with this challenge trying to find something different to photograph.
These are some gold and silver brads on gold card.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

See It Sunday - Animal.

Photo taken at Melbourne Zoo.

PhotoFriday - Minimalism.

This is a young boy jumping up trying to pop this large bubble!
Such fun!

Tuesday Challenge - Brick.

These bricks are the tiles (some kind of sandstone) layed outside Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.
They are stunning to look at, each on a work of art.

PhotoSharks Challenge - Jump.

This photo was taken at the football.
Aussie rules, Essendon plays North Melbourne at Telstra Dome.
Great fun game with lots of atmosphere at the game.
Jumping to gain control of the ball.
This photo was taken at a dolphin show at SeaWorld in Queensland, Australia.
The dolphin jumps out of the water with the girl on his nose and throws her into the air in front of him.